Chocomel and Pöttyös successful in Europe

Dániel Nyeste & Marieke Weusten

Strong existing product and brand are used to strengthen our position in other countries

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Case With well-known brands, such as Chocomel and Pöttyös, FrieslandCampina anticipates the demand for delicious chocolate drinks for at home, as well as on the road, at any time of the day. It is impossible to imagine Dutch coffee breaks and eating times or a Belgian café without Chocomel. In Germany, Chocomel has grown from a regional to a national brand. In Hungary, this chocolate milk was introduced under the well-known brand name Pöttyös. Two examples in which a strong existing product and brand are used to strengthen our position in other countries.

High expectations for the future

Tremendous opportunities for growth in Hungary

Dániel Nyeste, Marketing Director Hungary: “Pöttyös chocolate milk is the same beverage as Chocomel, but in Hungary we decided to sell it under our local market leader brand name Pöttyös. This brand is the strongest brands in Hungary and everyone is familiar with it.”
Chocolate milk is very popular in Hungary, which has the highest consumption of cocoa powder per capita in the world. Dániel perceives tremendous opportunities for growth: “Chocolate milk here is part of the morning routine, both during breakfast at home, as well as on the road. Research shows that consumers prefer a readymade chocolate drink instead of having to make it themselves from cocoa powder. We are perfectly able to anticipate this preference with Pöttyös. Furthermore, we can inspire consumers to drink a chocolate beverage at other times of the day. Hot chocolate with whipped cream comes to mind, for example.”


in Germany 2019


in Germany 2019

German citizens embrace Chocomel

Chocomel has been available on the German market for some time, particularly along the Dutch border with North Rhine-Westphalia. Marieke Weusten, Senior Brand Manager Chocomel Germany: “We saw that Chocomel is a favourite there, and because Germans love chocolate we seized the opportunity of introducing Chocomel nationally in 2019. This is a challenge in a mature market, but by doing this in an obstinate and somewhat brash manner, we succeeded. In addition to strong online and in-store campaigns, we explored creative opportunities to drive awareness and trial while building the brand. Such as hot Chocomel on Christmas markets, sampling with our food truck, and Chocomel ads on trams and buses, which we will leverage further in 2020.”

Marieke is also enthusiastic about sharing best practices with other countries: “Because Chocomel has such a strong brand personality, you can use one another’s concepts and campaigns. For example, this way we were able to make use of ideas from the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain and elsewhere, for our online campaigns.”

Both Dániel as well as Marieke are enthusiastic about the success in their markets and have high expectations for the future. In 2020, they expect a doubling in volume in both countries in comparison to 2019. Furthermore, distribution will be expanded in both the hospitality and retail sector – for example in vending machines, kiosks and petrol stations.



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