Making local dairy farms more profitable and future-proof

Tanja Goedhart, Project Manager DDP

Sharing knowledge for greater prosperity through the Dairy Development Programme

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Case FrieslandCampina has almost 150 years of dairy experience and uses its expertise in various ways, for example through the Dairy Development Programme, to support local dairy farmers in sustainably developing their dairy farm. The programme operates in eight countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, where FrieslandCampina also collects and processes milk locally. More than 75,000 dairy farmers participated in training programmes.

The training programmes focus on increasing the milk’s quality and the productivity

Project Manager Tanja Goedhart: “By sharing knowledge through the Dairy Development Programme, FrieslandCampina helps local dairy farmers – with relatively small dairy farms – to make their farms more profitable and future-proof. The training programmes focus on increasing the milk’s quality and the productivity. This makes it possible for dairy farmers to increase their earnings and local communities are supplied with higher quality milk. In addition to training, we work together with partners to improve the milk collection-related infrastructure. This way, FrieslandCampina contributes to food security, the more sustainable production of milk and to improving the position of dairy farmers and their families in focus countries. This also contributes to FrieslandCampina’s business and the company’s relationship with local stakeholders, such as governments. It is a textbook example of inclusive enterprise.”

Getting better step-by-step

The Farmer2Farmer programme, part of the Dairy Development Programme, focuses on transferring the knowledge of Dutch dairy farmers to their colleagues abroad, including Indonesia. Tanja: “Twenty-five Dutch dairy farmers have been trained and certified to advise their local colleagues on-site in terms of farm management practices. With the aid of a checklist, all farm management aspects, such as feed and water management, raising young livestock, milking and stable design are reviewed. The local dairy farmer is also provided with one-on-one advice from a Dutch colleague on this basis. This is subsequently followed up on by FrieslandCampina’s local team in these countries. By providing dairy farmers with focused advice and structural guidance, and by training them, we help them get better step-by-step.”

DDP operates in Asia, Africa and

Eastern Europe


“In addition, in the context of the Farmer2Farmer programme, farmers from abroad also visit the Netherlands,” says Tanja. “In 2019, we hosted four farmers from Indonesia who had participated in the programme. This we hope to be able inspire them with our dairy farming practices.” One of the participants was Nenih from Lembang on West Java: “The major difference between the Netherlands and Indonesia is the application of technology at the farm, as well as effective manure management. What we have in common is that we work hard and have a passion for farming and our cows.”

Indonesia is an important market for FrieslandCampina

Indonesia is an important market for FrieslandCampina. We have had a presence there for almost one hundred years with brands such as Frisian Flag, or Susu Bendera in local parlance. Popular products include condensed milk and infant nutrition. In addition, ready-to-drink products are becoming increasingly more important.

Attention for female dairy farmers

“The Dairy Development Programme also devotes attention to other issues, such as the challenges faced by female dairy farmers,” says Tanja. “We are observing that women in most countries play an important role in the dairy farming sector, but that their turnout at training sessions is low for all kinds of reasons. Excellent results were obtained in the area of milk quality and productivity as a result of specific training programmes for women in Nigeria and Pakistan, as a result of which they were able to increase their earnings. In addition, we have also seen that these programmes have a social impact, because women then are more appreciated for the work they do. We are currently working on setting up a similar programme in Indonesia.”



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