Now and for
generations to come

Sustainability: a leading role within the dairy sector

FrieslandCampina aims to fulfil a leading role in sustainability within the dairy sector. This is why the company has been working together with member dairy farmers for years on reducing its ecological footprint.


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Chain sustainability and value creation

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All our packaging will be 100% recyclable by 2025

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On track towards electricity-neutral production chain by 2025


Of all-packaging
Free from plastic

Annual Report 2019

Reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases on dairy farms

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The dairy farmer as renewable energy supplier

Now and for
generations to come


procurement of raw materials

77% in 2018

Percentage of total
volume of raw materials

Annual Report 2019

Successful further introduction ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ for dairy


GWh in 2019

Renewable energy from: solar, wind, biogas

‘Lead with sustainability and innovation’

Hein Schumacher, CEO FrieslandCampina

Our themes

Better nutrition for the world

A good living for our farmers

Now and for generations to come