Better nutrition
for the world

Healthy and transparant product range

FrieslandCampina works on a healthier product range, is transparent in its communications about its products, offers more people access to nutrition and supports educational programmes about healthy nutrition. Information about FrieslandCampina’s nutrition policy, including its Global Nutritional Standards, is published on its website.


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Reducing salt in cheese: finding the right balance

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TrackEasy: honest information about the origin of infant nutrition

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Resana®: a great deal of protein in a small portion


Grams of protein





Susu Bendera infant nutrition in Indonesia

Annual Report 2019

Highlights 2019

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Excellent and affordable dairy for everyone

Better nutrition for the world

Product composition


of the total volume of
consumer products
comply with the
FrieslandCampina Global
Nutritional Standards

Annual Report 2019

Consumer market trends and developments


Nigeria’s population suffers
from growth barriers in 2013

Healthy food promotes healthy growth

‘Lead with sustainability and innovation’

Hein Schumacher, CEO FrieslandCampina

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Better nutrition for the world

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