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Rivanda Idiyanto, Director Specialised Nutrition Indonesia

Complete, nutritious milk drink at an affordable price

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Case The growing global population represents major challenges for the world as a whole. FrieslandCampina supplies high-quality dairy products with valuable nutrients from milk and in this respect wants to be relevant to all income groups to help feed all people. Thus we also focus our efforts on affordable dairy for everyone; two examples from Indonesia and Nigeria.

Affordable nutrition to challenge poverty and undernourishment

Susu Bendera – affordable infant nutrition in Indonesia

In 2019, we introduced Susu Bendera in Indonesia,’ says Rivanda Idiyanto, Director Specialised Nutrition in Indonesia. ‘This is milk powder for growing children between the ages of one and six years, focused on the low income segment, in which we were not yet active previously. For this group, it is a challenge to provide their children each day with the right and sufficient nutrients with all the risks this entails. This is why we consider it important to offer excellent and affordable nutrition. It also is an important and growing market. Susu Bendera is affordable for the consumer and over time also profitable for FrieslandCampina.

Susu Bendera contains thirteen vitamins, eight minerals and four grams of protein per portion. Rivanda: It is a complete, nutritious milk drink that we can offer at an affordable price. We use an aluminium sachet instead of carton for the packaging. This offers the same functionality, but is cheaper and also sustainable. By offering small packaging, consumers with little to spend can still purchase milk powder. Finally, we limit costs through smart marketing effected through social media instead of traditional advertising. This provides good reach even in the lower income brackets.

Susu Bendera milkpowder contains

Growth barriers

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Development of underweight

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Double challenge in Nigeria

FrieslandCampina WAMCO is market leader in Nigeria. The Peak brand has a 52 percent market share and offers a wide range of dairy products, such as milk and yoghurt, that contain essential vitamins and minerals. In addition, Peak also has a product range of specific nutrition for premature infants and children up to and including six years of age.

“In Nigeria, it is important to offer affordable nutrition because we are faced with a double challenge: poverty and undernourishment,” say Chris Wulff-Caesar and Dolapo Otegbayi, both responsible for the marketing and sale of the Peak brand. “About 45 percent of Nigeria’s 200 million inhabitants are forced to live on less than two dollars per day. Because the daily meal primarily consists of carbohydrates, they are missing important nutrients, such as protein. It is our company’s objective to offer affordable and excellent dairy to everyone.

Distribution in Nigeria is complex. In addition to directly supplying more than 250,000 sales outlets, community-based selling is also important. Dolapo: “Here we work together with local entrepreneurs as a result of which we can offer Peak even in the most remote areas, for example by selling products from delivery vans or tents, and by vendors who offer affordable Peak dairy products in single sachets at busy traffic points.”

By being creative, competitive and cost conscious, combined with driven teams, FrieslandCampina ensures the availability of affordable quality dairy for everyone, in Indonesia, as well as in Nigeria.



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