Resana®: a great deal of protein in a small portion

Renata Soliva Costa, Marketing Segment Manager

Natural ingredients for specific food

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Case The Ingredients business group supplies natural ingredients, generally for specific applications within the food industry. For example, aimed at young children, the elderly, high-performance physical activities and medical nutrition. A recent innovation is Resana® Activating Protein – a solution that enables industrial customers to process a high dose of protein into small portions of medical nutrition. This is essential for patients experiencing difficulty taking in sufficient food.

Resana® helps people with health problems

More nutrients in a smaller portion

“Resana® (“becoming healthy again” in Latin) helps people with health problems meet their nutritional needs,” says Renata Soliva Costa, Marketing Segment Manager. “Compacting is a trend in medical nutrition, whereby you administer more nutrients in smaller portions. Elderly people with poor health or people who are being treated in a hospital are often faced with a double challenge – they require more nutrients for their recovery, but at the same time may be suffering from reduced appetite, or they may have problems with food intake.”

Two applications

With Resana®, FrieslandCampina currently offers two recommendations for applications by industrial customers. Renata: “The first is a complete meal that supplies energy and a high dose of protein. Resana® hereby is the source of the protein. This application helps patients build up their body weight and retain their muscle mass. The second application is a protein supplement that exclusively delivers protein. Patients who are recovering require more protein than a healthy adult and it is not easy to administer this through a normal diet. The protein supplement provides assistance in this regard, and thus supports the retention of muscle mass and strength.”

Average protein requirement

Everyone benefits

“Resana® delivers benefits for everyone,” says Renata. “For the patient to meet his/her nutritional needs to become healthy again and to improve the quality of life. For the healthcare system the benefit is that this type of nutritional supplement can lower the nutritional costs for a hospital by approximately 12 percent, because the patient recovers faster. For our industrial customers and FrieslandCampina itself, Resana® offers the possibility of entering the compacting market, which is a premium segment.”

How important is that market for FrieslandCampina? Renata: “The medical market is part of Adult Nutrition, an important pillar in our growth strategy for ingredients. This is a global market that is growing by 6 to 8 percent annually. Because people are living longer, the need for care is increasing. This entails specific nutritional needs. We expect to continue our successful start in the medical industry in 2020. It is fantastic to be able to work in a role in which you can contribute to better health!”



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