TrackEasy: honest, elaborate information about the origin of infant nutrition

Arthur Law, Global Marketing Director Specialised Nutrition

Digital innovation in China and Hong Kong

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Case FrieslandCampina launched the digital innovation TrackEasy in China and Hong Kong in 2019. Using the QR code on the Friso packaging, consumers can track the origin of their infant nutrition. This makes Friso the first infant nutrition brand that this way describes the complete story of the path travelled by the infant nutrition, from source to final product. In addition, consumers come to know the people behind the product: the dairy farmer and his family, the driver and the production worker.

In 2020, we will expand TrackEasy to all key markets for Friso globally

Arthur Law, Global Marketing Director of the Specialised Nutrition business group: “With TrackEasy, we provide consumers with insight into the entire production chain. Parents become aware of Friso’s quality, because they can see where and when the product was made – from the farm, via transport to the production facility, to the production process and transport to Asia.”

“We first brought TrackEasy to market in China and Hong Kong, where consumers consider it important knowing where the milk comes from and what ingredients were used to produce the infant nutrition. There is a rising global trend in which increasingly more consumers are demanding greater transparency about their food, even more so when it concerns infant nutrition.”


Arthur explains that TrackEasy is very user-friendly: “All you need is a smartphone with a camera capable of scanning a QR code. There is a QR code on the bottom of every tin of Friso. When you scan this code, a web page is displayed with very detailed product information. This overview page shows the farm where the milk originated, when it was picked up, when the quality control took place and when the product was shipped. By clicking on icons representing each phase, you can obtain still much more information, such as a 360 degree view of the farm and even what the weather is like there!”

“We are receiving positive feedback about TrackEasy from consumers in China, as well as Hong Kong,” Arthur continues. “It confirms the product quality for them and they appreciate our openness.”

Global rollout

Arthur is proud of TrackEasy, which was developed within a year by various FrieslandCampina teams and a number of member dairy farmers. “TrackEasy gives us a unique system that stands out and that contributes to creating confidence in the brand and the reaction in China and Hong Kong is very positive. In 2020, we will expand TrackEasy to all key markets for Friso globally. Currently, our focus for TrackEasy is on Friso, whereby we of course measure the results and we look at possibilities in other product categories.”



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